Solar Energy Storage Developments

A profusion of tech companies around the world are announcing new products and collaborations around solar energy storage for residential and commercial use. The Australian Solar Council has declared that battery storage could well be competitive for Australian households as early as next year.

US smart energy company Enphase Energy has selected Australia to launch its Enphase AC Battery in early 2016. This is a modular plug and play energy storage system that fully integrates with an energy management system.

Enphase co-founder Raghu Belur said during a recent trip to Australia, “Australia is going to be the testing ground for the world. It is a perfect environment for storage.”

Other companies with current and nascent energy storage systems include Bosch, Alpha ESS and Fronius.

The all in one systems energy capture, storage and management systems are perfect for people who want their home to be power purely by renewable energy, and can subsequently eliminate their power bill completely.

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