Prohibition Notice for 2013 SKL Cables

A prohibition notice has been issued to prevent sale and/or installation of some SKL brand thermo-plastic sheath (TPS) electrical cables marked 2013. These cables were imported and supplied by SKL Cables Australia Pty Ltd.

An issue has been identified with the insulation and sheathing PVC compound of the electrical cable that may lead to a reduction in the insulation integrity. This may result in electric shock or fire.

The prohibition affects SKL brand TPS twin and earth cable with marking ‘2013’, sold or distributed by SKL Cables Australia Pty Ltd, of sizes, 1mm2 to 16mm2 configurations which are PVC sheathed and PVC insulated.


Remove the product from sale, including display for sale. Cease installation of this cable immediately. It is an offence to supply or continue to install any cable subject to the prohibition order.